Forward Features


Discover over 65,000 PR opportunities you didn't know existed, pitch your story to relevant journalists precisely when they need it and benefit from excellent additional coverage. 

If you do nothing else, use an Editorial Features Calendar to boost your long term media coverage and strategic engagement with both Journalists and clients

Forward Features

The Forward Features included in PRmax Professional (and as an option for the Freelance/Small Agency edition) are the perfect way to source relevant opportunities for coverage and to judge the ideal moment to pitch a story and suggest a tie-in idea for a new product launch. After all, the easiest way to get a story covered – and the optimum time to pitch – is when a magazine is already planning to cover that topic.


Up-to-date information from the industry’s leading media research team provides feature opportunities across over 1,200 publications in the UK. Don’t waste time waiting for coverage. Maximise your efficiency with our easy-to-use search interface and find planned magazine features by circulation, frequency, date range and simple text searching. Then, save your searches as lists to print and store, ready to use when required.


Finding exactly what you need has never been so straightforward. Using Forward Features enables you to focus on high-impact opportunities with multiple search criteria that drill down to reveal the very best prospects – and those critical dates and editorial deadlines.

"Forward Features calendar is really easy to use, simply explore planned magazine features by topic and date range!"

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