Start with a simple word document and finish with an amazing press release distributed efficiently and effectively.

Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

Most Press Releases are written in Word so PRmax automatically uploads your Word document and converts it to and HTML email with full use of content links with accompanying collateral photos and videos.


Simple formatting tools and templates allow for consistency of branding and

Mail Merge fields are available to personalise each email by journalist name, for that extra touch.


Press Release Scheduling

If your story needs to go at 5am tomorrow morning just set the release up, tick the schedule box, set the date and time of delivery and your release is distributed whilst you are still getting your beauty sleep!


SEO News Distribution

Optimise your press release and reach a wider audience by getting your story to appear on the major News Websites and key search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Include Keyword Tags and subject categories to achieve the greatest possible visibility in the Search Engines and instantly enhance your story’s potential audience, your search engine rankings and brand visibility in a single stroke.


Press Release Tracking & Viewing Figures

Track to see when every email press release has been delivered and even if a Journalist has read it on your email Distribution Report(*) along with SEO viewing figures in the wider audience.


*We cannot tell you what the journalist does with the information (we are limited by privacy laws). We do, however, provide two forms of feedback: ‘Delivered’ means the press release arrived in the journalist’s inbox and ‘Viewed’ means it has been opened and read.

A great story is only a great story if it gets to the right journalists at the right time!

“So simple, quick and accurate I wish I had found PRmax sooner”

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